History of Shooter Golf

Big PigA long time ago, in a small town on the West Coast, there was a sleepy little community called Glenayre.  But it was not to be so for very long, as in the year 2001, Shooter Golf was born.

Enter Terry, Noof & Glenn, the original organizers of Shooter Golf Port Moody.  In a small back yard, and for the love of a good party, these three characters decided to create a putting circuit in Glenn’s back yard and invite a bunch of people over to play a few rounds.  The trick was to be the best at each hole because the penalty for being the crappy putter was a shooter.  For those who like to drink, this might not necessarily be a bad thing, but when you get to hole #9, and you’ve lost every hole, the chances of you standing upright for very much longer is slim to none.

When Glenn moved from his home, they pondered where they would continue to organize this yearly event, and thus Brent & Sandy agreed to use their sprawling 1/4 acre back yard as the new location.

Over the next few years the Annual Shooter Golf event became rather legendary, amassing more & more participants each year.

Today the event is a staple summer party.  The Shooter Golf Crew never fail to provide a great experience, but also the expected redneck appeal which we’ve all come to know and love about the event.  One thing is for sure, the party ain’t over until somebody eats a goldfish!

As we head into our 12th Anniversary, we hope you enjoy the games, the music, the food, the people, and most of all, the love & dedication that goes into putting (pun intended) this gig into action year after year.

See ya around the fish pond.  May a goldfish be halfway to your stomach before your tongue registers the taste!